Teacher Interview Question: What is your approach to or philosophy on teaching?

Interviewers ask this question is to find out your guiding principles for education. Prepare for interviews by re-reading your education philosophy statement. Outline your top three core beliefs on teaching and student learning and describe specific examples of how your philosophy has informed your curriculum and instruction methods.

Sample interview answer

I believe in instilling a passion for lifetime learning into my students. One way I instill this passion is by being a model lifetime learner for my students. For instance, in my classroom, you will hear me thinking aloud, interacting with the text during reading, and demonstrating inquiry by asking questions. I believe that every child can reach their learning potential, with high expectations, the necessary support and opportunities, and a caring classroom.

I support this effort by greeting each child as he/she enters the classroom, so that each student feels welcome and believes that he/she is part of a learning community. I clearly state the learning and behavioral expectations for my class, and I follow through in upholding these standards. For instance, if a student turns in a substandard project, then I meet with the student, reiterate my expectations, and provide any further assistance or support that the student might need to finish the project.

I believe in teaching students with dignity, and in providing a fun, studentcentered learning environment. I make sure that every child knows that is they are worthy, by listening to and caring for their needs. I work hard to create a classroom that celebrates achievement and progress. These efforts encourage the students to stay in school and learn. Weekly celebrations in the form of specific task praise, certificates, positive calls home, and group recognition are common in my classroom. By the end of the school year, each child will be celebrated for some contribution to the class or a skill they have developed.

Other philosophy related teacher interview questions:

  • What is your educational philosophy.
  • What is your philosophy on homework?  (Food for thought)
  • How does your philosophy translate to the types of lessons you actually have students complete in your classroom?
  • What activities have you have implemented that reflect your philosophy of education as it relates to middle school students?
  • What is your philosophy on teaching science to elementary kids? Teenagers? Economically disadvantaged kids?

Useful links on how to write a philosophy statement:

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3 Responses to Teacher Interview Question: What is your approach to or philosophy on teaching?

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  2. Steven Schmitz says:

    In developing your philosophical statement show your knowledge regarding educational reform. Be articulate in how EALR’s, GLE’s, State Goals, State Testing, and criteria for The No Child Left Behind Act all link together

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